Sad news

Brian Foster

1981 - 2017



Our thoughts are with his Mum and Patrick and Liam at this time.

Activate your membership with England Squash.

All clubs are encouraged to register their Squash and Racketball players as members of England Squash. Players are then eligible to play in County events and county leagues and in the NWCSL when they activate their membership.

From December 1st enhanced benefits will include:

Insurance, which individually would cost around £25-30.


The other major benefit is access to the ‘clever data’ in SquashLevels free of charge to ES members,

this currently costs £5. Both benefits will only be available to those members who have activated their membership on the England Squash website.

Brian Foster and the Cheshire U12 team in 1992.

Cheshire Squash is pleased to announce a new Men's team Captain.

Rob Taylor who takes over from Nick Murrills, who served as captain for 10 years. Thanks Nick.

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